Growing Green

Bylands is conscious of the “footprint” it impacts on the environment. Bylands carry environmentally conscious products for weed and pest management and wherever possible “Eco friendly" products and recommend Integrated Pest Management practices to customers as alternatives. 

As part of the pro-green initiatives most of the plants sold at the garden centre are grown by Bylands nursery in the Okanagan valley. This translates to a significant reduction in the need to transport products, while providing customers with a healthier, hardier acclimatized plants for their gardens. Bylands Garden Centre is surrounded by Bylands Nursery, consequently, much of the practices Bylands Nursery has incorporated are also practiced by Bylands Garden Centre.

Bylands Nurseries has historically realized the importance of environmental stewardship and is proud of the practices employed to reduce impacts on the environment.

Bylands has invested in the latest drip irrigation technology and water recycling methods to reduce total water consumption. Greenhouses utilize high efficiency heaters programmed to react to changes in local temperature changes. Bylands was the first nursery in British Columbia to recycle water and today we have three recycling ponds that reduce water consumption by one-third of former consumption.

Bylands Nurseries voluntarily completed the British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan; a governmentally recommended risk assessment of agricultural land. By completing this Plan Bylands ensures that they are being pro-active in identifying environmental opportunities and risks within our surroundings. The Environmental Farm Plan also helps to reduce conflicts between agricultural and environmental interests all while making Bylands better stewards of the land.

Over the past decade, Bylands Nurseries has created a composting program that eliminates large amounts of organic waste from entering the local landfills by allowing some industry professionals (ie:landscaping companies) to dump their green waste on our property to be composted.

The composted material is eventually added back to nursery fields and into potting mix to:

  • improve soil quality
  • aid in aeration
  • increase soil nutrients
  • assist in water retention capabilities.

Bylands Integrated Pest Management Program is a pro-active approach to pest control that significantly reduces and eliminates the use of pesticides through a three step process of:
(1) prevention, (2) observation (3) intervention.

Unfortunately, the current use of plastics is inevitable in the green industry, as plastic tags, pots and protective covers are used at nurseries across North America. However, Bylands are able to reduce  plastic consumption by reusing our protective plastic for a second year prior to shipping it to a recycling plant. All other plastics used at Bylands are 100% recyclable and Bylands ask you to please consider the environment when disposing of our pots and informative tags.  

Bylands is Growing Greener Everyday™