Domestic Pesticides- Residential Applicator Certificate (RAC)

In July 2016, there was a change made to how some domestic pesticides were to be categorized and therefore sold. As a result of this change, homeowners who wish to apply certain pesticides to landscaped areas on their residential properties will now require a Residential Applicator Certificate (RAC). The RAC is obtained by taking a free 2 hour online course at

At this site you will also be able to obtain more information on these changes. We recommend that you visit this site now to begin to prepare for the 2017 gardening season.

Here is a partial list of domestic pesticides that DO NOT require a RAC:

  • Deer repellents/insect pheromones/attractants(semiochemicals)
  • Garden sulphur Copper Bordo Dormant spray kits (includes Dormant oil and Lime sulphur)
  • Ant baits (boron/borax)
  • Spider/wasp/hornet/ant aerosol sprays (d-trans allethrin)
  • Insecticidal Soap (fatty acids)
  • Diatomaceous Earth (Silicon Dioxide)
  • Insect aerosols (pyrethrins)
  • Insect aerosols (tetramethrin)
  • Slug and snail killer (ferric sodium)
  • Moss killer (ferrous sulphate)
  • Path Clear (Acetic Acid and Fatty Acids)
  • Weed B Gon (Iron)

Here is a partial list of those domestic pesticides that WILL require a RAC:

  • Malathion
  • Ant Out/Sevin/ Bulb and garden dust/ Rose and Garden Dr/Grub out (carbaryl)
  • Mouse/Rat controls (Brodifocoum, Diphacinone & Chlorophacinone)
  • Round Up (Glysophate)
  • Killex Later’s Chickweed, Clover and Thistle (Mecoprop)

For more comprehensive information and contact information if you have questions, please visit this link. Our goal is to help you be successful with your garden. 

We look forward to your visit.

The Bylands Team